Paul Mason the extreme Far-left Labour-supporting, Momentum loving journalist calls the DFLA neo-fascists!

Comrade Mason, took to his mouthpiece the Guardian, to air his views to his awaiting army of fellow thinking Marxist’s types.

Now, I’ve just looked up the definition of a neo-fascist and the only thing that I could see that matched is they dislike Marxist’s, so I guess we can roll with that one, as we really don’t like you Paul, someone who is alleged to be a bit of a bully and very condescending, just as he was to Michelle Dewberry on the politics live show;

And because Michelle took to Twitter to call him out, she unsurprisingly got a barrage of abuse from all the far-left momentum twitter mafia with an onslaught of nasty spiteful vitriol to shut her down.


And as she dared to say it’s no wonder people turn to the man from Luton that no-one can mention she was labelled far-right and a fascist!

Mr Mason isn’t shy of pulling the race hating trump card out of his pocket either, just like when he accused all tory supporters of being racist on this show;

On another occasion, he stated ukip supporters are the type of blokes who steal your bicycle!

It shouldn’t come as a real shock that he had a stint as the Culture and Digital Editor of Channel 4 News, and then becoming the programme’s Economics Editor on 1 June 2014, a post he formerly held on BBC Two’s Newsnight programme, so you can only guess how unbiased he was. 🙄

Paul was pulled up on LBC as well for his aggressive nature, which the host of the show details very well, although Paul denies these claims;

So in summing up, Paul, it really is water off a ducks back to us at the DFLA, you can call us what you want, but we know what we are and what we stand for and stand up against, whether it be standing up against Marxist types like yourself or a racist who tries to infiltrate our movement a movement who has spoken out against racism many times a movement of working-class people who’ve been ignored and not listened to just like 17.4 million others who voted to leave and the remainers who have respected the vote,

Here he is in full flow conducting his orchestra;

So you can take your pony article and put it up your undemocratic Trotsky aris.

You all use this anti-fascist facade to bully your political opinions above all others, you’re just anti-anyone who dares not to agree with you!