The BBC was founded in 1922. Originally it was founded as a private corporation. There has always been a bias and culture of lies at work in the BBC. We set out to prove, in this section how the corporation supported a Fascist Government from its beginnings to how it still supports the same Fascist ideals today and is paid doing so.

During 1926, the great strike the Government, fearing a revolution like that in Russia during 1917 refused to allow the BBC to air statements by the Labour Party and the Unions. In response to this, the BBC refused to carry speeches by anyone who may argue the Government’s corner.

Conflict was born.

Sir John Reith later admitted to his staff at the BBC that he wished he could allow TUC and Labour leaders to broadcast to the nation rather than the Government.

In 1927 the BBC, under Royal charter, became a public entity. It was made clear that the BBC had to maintain impartiality and for staff not to express personal opinions on matters of controversy or politics.

Almost immediately the BBC were flouting this rule.


It is well known that Winston Churchill was very much against Hitler and could see war coming. Whilst Chamberlain was pursuing a policy of appeasement, giving the Nazis all they asked for, he was fully backed by the BBC. Winston Churchill was speaking out and issuing dire warnings not just against Chamberlain’s approach, but Hitler. The BBC in a calculated way gave Churchill no airtime at all.

This has to be seriously considered as support for the Nazi regime. In his memoirs, Churchill stated that he had been very badly treated by the BBC. Sir John Reith banning Churchill from the BBC led Churchill to say that he had been muzzled by them. In the Background, Sir John Reith led the BBC in a campaign to mislead and deceive the public. He did this by supporting Chamberlain and downplaying Nazi ambitions. He further silenced Churchill, not allowing any criticism of Chamberlain or Hitler.

The BBC had abandoned its pretence of impartiality as early as 1933 with the BBC Silencing most of the dissent against Hitler.

The BBC were using lies to support Hitler, a megalomaniac intent on becoming the ruler of Europe.


The list of lies the BBC have run are mainly defensive in nature, that is, they lie to defend themselves.

There can be no greater indictment of the huge operation by the BBC to run a campaign of lies and deception against the English public than that of the paedophile cases and rape and sexual harassment.

In the early 1970’s Douglas Muggeridge, then controller of radio requested a detailed report on the activities of Jimmi Saville. There was no outcome to this request, it was covered up.


DJ Liz Kershaw claimed that Sexual harassment was commonplace in the 1980s. The fact that police reported that Jimmi Saville had created a minimum of 300 victims is astounding, especially when it is common knowledge he was not the only predatory paedophile at work. A book written in 1999 by John Simpson, “Strange Places, Questionable People”, pointed out an individual  “Uncle Dick” at the BBC who had sexually assaulted children.

The BBC were covering this up and lying constantly in order just to function. When we consider the lies we have to consider the fact of the BBC spending over £28 million on gagging orders for 539 staff. Indeed the BBC have been guilty of lies and cover-ups over the Paedophile and rape issue for over 40 years. Further to this, we have to look at the fact that the BBC also refuse to release information under the Freedom of information act.

What are they hiding?


We explored in parts 1 and 2 the amount of money the BBC makes, and how it can fritter away Millions of pounds, £59 million in the case of capita, in order to enforce draconian laws upon members of the public. This makes the Government an extra £30 million a year in fines alone.

So the BBC, who indulge in criminal activity can demand money from you and criminalise you if you refuse to pay.


The culture of lies and propaganda is entrenched within the BBC, along with contempt for you, the viewer. They have been lying to the English since its inception in 1922.

If I was to cover every single lie by the BBC it would take an entire library to hold all of them.

We will list a few lies here and you can decide for yourself the truth:

September 2016 The BBC report Trump as saying:

“War will follow!”

in a speech about Iran.

In fact, Trump was talking about sanctions against Iran and had said: “More will follow”. Why did the BBC lie? The BBC claimed they had misheard Trump. Funny how the other 107 journalists had not heard this.

Despite the situation in Israel the BBC do not show any consideration into the fact that what is needed is clear unbiased reporting. The BBC has intimated that the IDF have gassed Palestinians, have put birth control pills in the water supply etc… However on the 16 June 2017 the BBC ran a headline stating:

“Three Palestinians killed after deadly stabbing in Jerusalem.”

The headline gave victim status to three Palestinians who unprovoked had attacked a 23-year-old Israeli woman, stabbing her to death. After complaints the BBC advised:

“We accept that our original headline did not appropriately reflect the nature of the events and subsequently changed it, ”

BBC said in a statement whilst there was no intention to mislead our audiences, we regret any offence caused.”

This statement in itself was a lie as the BBC are aware of how important headlines are and being well versed in deception knew the impression they would give.

Indeed, so scared are the BBC about the truth of their anti-Israeli reporting coming out that they spent over £200,000 defending their decision not to agree to release of information about their bias. A shameful waste of licence payers money just to hide the truth.

In 2004 the BBC had decided to outsource its telephones and Broadcast service to German company Siemens. The BBC claimed it would save them circa £30 million. However, in a report in 2007 by a house of commons select Committee, it showed that the BBC had lied about hidden costs of £60 million. Why would the BBC lie about this? More surprisingly why were no charges for fraud and deception ever brought against the BBC?

We then of course had rigged children’s contests, as run by the BBC for Blue Peter, we had the scandal involving the BBC launching a children’s website that cost 150 million, again it was found the BBC had lied and deceived in regards its production. The website was pulled. Another waste of licence payers money.

In 2007 the BBC took lying to a new despicable level. In their programme called “A year with the Queen”, the BBC had engineered a sequence of events in order to make it look like the Queen had stormed out of filming. BBC controller, Peter Fincham telling people that the Queen “had lost it and stormed out in a huff”. The next day media outlets repeated this lie in their headlines. This was challenged by the Royal Family and the BBC apologised saying they were “guilty of a serious error of judgement”. Once again resignations followed.

In the same year, Blue Peter once again was found to be lying to children after they ran a competition to name a cat. The winning name was “Cookie” but producers lied and said the name winning was “Socks”. Following an investigation, it was said that there had been a breach in audience trust.

In 2008 the BBC launched its DMI campaign, Digital Media Initiative in order to make all its programming digital. It was claimed this would make savings of £18 million. A year later BBC losses were estimated at £38.1million.

There then followed another incident in 2013 where an operation called “Fabric” was brought into play. This was another Digital initiative. It had to be abandoned in May 2013 after losses rose to £98 million.

We then have fake footage of child labour, staged by panorama in a report against primary, fake news about a dog sentenced to death by stoning in Israel. In another, a picture was taken in Iraq in 2003 to report a massacre in Syria in 2017.

We have to swiftly move to the BBC Panorama report about the Euros in 2012. Hosted by Poland and the Ukraine the BBC reported on “Stadiums of hate” about racism etc…… So full of lies was the programme that both black and Jewish leaders in the country stepped forward to criticise the BBC and claiming that the report was nothing more than lies and sensationalist reporting. Jonathan Ornstein, a Jewish source used in the film said:

“I am furious at the way the BBC has exploited me as a source. The organization used me and others to manipulate the serious subject of anti-Semitism for its own sensationalist agenda… the BBC knowingly cheated its own audience – the British people – by concocting a false horror story about Poland. In doing so, the BBC has spread fear, ignorance, prejudice and hatred. I am profoundly disturbed by this unethical form of journalism.”


The list of lies are endless and as I am sure the reader will be fully aware of the Tommy Robinson affair and how the BBC have lied time and time again.

Maybe it is time we brought the sorry state of affairs full circle and went back to the1930s.

Winston Churchill a bitter critic of Hitler and his plans to run Europe under one Government.

Churchill silenced by the BBC, censored in the extreme. Hitler given a plethora of excuses and downplayed to apologetic levels.

Today, of course, Gerard Batten and Tommy Robinson slated and heavily criticised by the BBC. Donald Tusk and Co given favourable coverage as the BBC operate a campaign of doubt and fear in favour of the EU.

In a far more professional blog,g the BBC are fully exposed for the liars they are.

In Part 4 we will investigate the criminals behind the BBC, we discover the reasons for lack of real investigative journalism and why they refuse to condemn rape and Paedophile activity.