The behaviour of a corporation rarely belies its true intent and purpose in society. It is important that we hold this thought in mind as we consider the behaviours of the BBC.

This will give us a vital clue into their role and place outside of society.


This has been well publicised over past years and been seen to be widespread with the corporation. There can be no denying that the BBC is infested with these creatures. John Lydon was informing the BBC 40 years ago of presenters preying on children,



Stuart Hall, Rolf Harris, Jimmi Saville, to name a few. What is telling in this instance is the fact that Newsnight stopped a planned exposè of Jimmi Saville as the BBC were running a tribute programme to him.

What Newsnight did show was a programme claiming John Macalpine had sexually abused children in the 1970s. Sir John was innocent of these accusations as was later proven. Yet we have to ask how could the BBC make such a blunder, to stay silent on a proven Paedophile rapist, deliberately withholding information and yet to accuse an innocent man of such hideous crimes?

We will never know the answer to this, the BBC refuses to release information and having spent over £28 million in gagging orders on its own staff you will no doubt reach the conclusion that the BBC are shutting up shop and staying silent to avoid the truth being told.

It is not just the silence from the BBC in regards to its staff raping children but the silence regards the seriousness of the increase in child rape and abuse. In 2011 there were 5,878 reported cases of child rapes. In 2016 there were 11,947. In 2017 according to official police figures, this was 30,000 sexual assaults and rapes on children. This means that one child is raped every 3 hours. So why is the BBC not reporting these figures? In fact, if we come back to Newsnight we have to treat them with a serious level of contempt and dismiss them as an honest news programme. They rubbished the Justice for women and children campaign, labelling them as right wing and the subject of rape as nothing more than a topic to gain popularity.

However, alongside Sir John Macalpine we have the much-publicised witch hunt of Cliff Richard, accusations of child abuse proven false.

Why treat genuine campaigns as a falsehood and accuse and harass the innocent, whilst ignoring the real facts and figures?

Why would you hide real facts and figures and criminals and go after people that are innocent?

There is a psychological reason behind this. See if you can figure it out.

Jeremy Corbyn did the same thing. He remained silent on the child brothels in Islington, he remained silent on “Islingwood”, the making of Paedophile films in Islington. Yet when Geoffrey Dickens launched an investigation into the vile practice Corbyn not only attacked Mr Dickens but demanded a full public apology.

Can you see the same behaviour?

There can be no doubt that there is an arrogance at the BBC that makes them think they can act with complete disregard for the public. This is shown in their actions.

The fact that they will demand money from you and stamp you as criminal if you do not give it to them, yet they can and have, raped children, treated victims of rape with a snarling anger and lied about them shows that the BBC must believe that rape and abuse of women and children is the way things should be.


Every year the BBC launch into their “Children in need campaign”. With the usual array of celebrities and stunts.

You would wonder if the BBC should be trusted as an organisation to work with children given its track record in sexual assaults on them, but as criminal, as the BBC are with children and the licence fee, so they are when it comes to charity.

In 2014 the Daily Mail revealed that the BBC had taken 87.7 million pounds raised by children in need and stashed it away in an investment portfolio. The Daily Mail revealed:

“Children in Need has £87,705,000 invested in a range of portfolios, up from £81.2million last year. Another £2.2million is sitting in its bank accounts, up from £864,000 last year”.

The accounts reveal it paid £9,000 in fees to fund managers and made £893,000 in investment income.”

If the money is meant to go to charity, why is the BBC sitting on it?

In 2015 the Guardian reported that “a positive difference to 480,000 young lives”. Yet had said that it had raised, since its start 848 million pounds. The numbers do not seem to add up at all. In 2012 the cost of staff for CIN was £2,419,000. In 2013, this had gone up by  52% to £3,673,000. This means that the average wage had gone from £33,137 in 2012 to a rather nice £41,270 for 2013, an increase of 25%.

Indeed a charity commission advising against giving to CIN. Intelligent Giving said that donating to the charity is ‘a bad idea’ because of its huge administration costs – £2.4million last year, out of a total of £33 million raised. The BBC simply use children to make you feel pity, you give money and feel good only those working for the charity feel better with a fantastic wage.

The complaints about the BBC and its involvement with charity does not end with CIN. There is also the problems associated with sports relief, the same level of incompetence and greed operates there as well.


The worst and most damning case against the BBC is its involvement in the Band-Aid “pity porn” fest in the ’80s.

The Famine in 1984 was by no means the worst famine Ethiopia had faced, nor was it a natural famine.

In 1982 civil war had erupted in Ethiopia, the countries brutal dictator Mengistu was fighting the rebellion in his country. In a bid to starve the rebels he ordered the napalming of farms and villages in the countryside. This forced a mass exodus of people into the cities. Farms abandoned, food was not being produced. People were starving. Enter Bob Geldof and Midge Ure. Ignorant of fact and reality, demanding money and food for Africa. Despite the most preposterous and idiotic lyrics ever Band-Aid took off. Aware of the reality on the ground Medicins Sans Frontiers demanded that Geldoff hold off giving out aid until the proper infrastructure was in place, Geldof and Co ignored them and went ahead anyway. To this day no one can explain why Ethiopia, the third poorest country in the world went on to become the best-equipped army in Africa.

With the weapons purchased with Band-Aid food and money from Russia, Mengistu broke the deadlock and slaughtered the Eritrean freedom fighters, there was genocide with forced resettlement marches and over 100,000 people dying, not through starvation. “People are dying because of what groups like Live Aid are doing. It is helping the government set up a system that is going to cause people to die for decades to come.” Explained Jason Clay, an anthropologist studying famine in Ethiopia.

“Humanitarian groups like Live Aid are fueling an operation that will be described with hindsight in a few years time as one of the greatest slaughters in the history of the twentieth century” stated Dr Claude Malhuret, whose relief agency, Medecins sans Frontieres (Doctors Without Borders), had been kicked out of Ethiopia for speaking up against “the most massive violations of human rights we have seen in recent years”. No doubt fueled by the BBC and Geldof.

The frightening concept behind this is that the BBC was the propaganda tool for Geldof and his genocide enabling efforts. Between them, Geldof and the BBC killed more of Mengistu’s enemies than Mengistu could have hoped for. What is telling in this is that Mengistu Haile Maria led a Socialist/Marxist Government. His battle against his enemies came to be known as “The red terror”.

Colonel Mengistu seized power in 1975. Under the Mengistu-régime, Ethiopia lived through a bloody period of repression and strife at the cost of thousands of lives. The ‘red terror’ of the régime was accompanied by mass arrests, torture and killings by the government.

This is the very Government Bob Geldof, Midge Ure and the BBC raised funds for and supported.  This directly involves them in raising funds for genocide from an unsuspecting public who to this day are ignorant of facts.

Paedophiles, denying money to charity and genocide.

The BBC. Still enjoying your support.

In part 3 we will look at fake news and lie, lies and more lies.