The social worker’s party and some Labour party big hitters (same thing) hit out against reclassifying Hezbollah as a proscribed terrorist group.


The Socialist Workers Party, what can you say about a party whose hero has murdered 4 children, had 2 commit suicide And enjoyed gang rape with his friend?

Of course, their other hero was a bank robber who rounded up 100 farmers at random and hung them.

The DFLA have written about these facts before and will go no further.

However, with Sajid Javid recently sparked outrage among the left by outlawing Hezbollah and prescribing them as a terrorist organisation they are up in arms and complaining.

Of course, the SWP are angry about this and demanded that Hezbollah is not outlawed.

Their drivel can be read here;

What else would you expect from a morally corrupt organisation that apart from covering 9 rapes and bullying women, has the role models described above?


In their article SWP only mention two facts. Fact 1: Hezbollah Founded in 1985. Fact 2: War with Israel 2006 they defeated Israel.

Unfortunately, both facts are wrong.

Apart from this the call to legalise Hezbollah is based on nothing, an empty emotional missive that goes nowhere.

Let us look at Hezbollah without the Rose Tinted Welding Mask that the SWP use, let us use reality.

Hezbollah translated means, “Party of Allah” so you can imagine the Islamic manifesto they have.

They were formed in 1982, not 1985. There goes fact 1. We will look at fact 2 later.


I would like to start by asking SWP if they have heard of Madaya?

If not, let me tell you about Madaya.

Madaya is a concentration camp run by Hezbollah. In this camp, people are dying of starvation and brutality. Public executions are commonplace. Hassan Nasrallah, the leader of Hezbollah is quoted as saying, “Neither I or my fighters kill these people, it is the will of Allah who lives, who dies”. Nice guy. Hezbollah takes their orders from Tehran, who in turn are backing the Syrian Despot Assad. Both Hezbollah and Iran have been accused of war crimes but running a concentration camp, now that takes some understanding.

Hezbollah have laid siege to the town and was refusing aid into the city.

So should Hezbollah be banned?


Hezbollah is a bonafide terrorist group, there can be no doubt about this. We will list some of their activities below, this is where we prove how little SWP know.

1982: Hezbollah is formed with Iranian financial and military backing and an explicitly

Khomeinist doctrine of establishing an Islamic state in Lebanon and “liberating” Jerusalem and all of historical Palestine, which includes the current State of Israel.

So we have a group being formed in a foreign country to effect a regime change.

APRIL 1983:  Suicide Bombing of American Embassy in Beirut. 49 EMBASSY staff killed and 34 were injured.

OCTOBER 1983: Suicide Bombing of French and American Barracks in Beirut. 240 Americans were killed, 58 French soldiers killed.

MARCH 16, 1984: William Francis Buckley, a CIA operative working at the U.S. embassy in

Beirut is kidnapped and later murdered.

APRIL 1984: Bombing of a restaurant in Beirut. 18 American servicemen killed, 83 Lebanese civilians injured. 27 later died of their wounds.

Moving forward and ignoring other attacks:

JULY 1994: Suicide bombing of the Argentine

Jewish Mutual Association (AMIA) building in

Buenos Aires 83 wounded around 300 injured.

MARCH 1996: Hezbollah fires 28 Katyusha rockets into northern Israeli towns. A week later, the group fires 16 rockets, injuring 36


JUNE 1996: Truck bombing at the U.S. portion of the Khobar Towers housing complex in Saudi Arabia 19 American Air Force personnel killed, 372 American and Saudis injured.

The List continues. To go further would bring up another 16 acts of terrorism carried out by Hezbollah. By now the reader should be aware of the Islamic party of Allah and its murderous ways. Hezbollah is now heavily involved in the war in Syria, supporting the Dictator Assad.


We will now address the 2nd fact that SWP got wrong.

2006 war with Israel. Hezbollah defeated Israel.

Really? The author for SWP was highly misinformed on this front and we have to ask what constitutes a victory in the SWP handbook?

2006: Following a series of rocket attacks into Israel from Lebanon by Iranian backed Hezbollah and a cross border raid by Hezbollah killing 3 Israeli soldiers and capturing 5 Israel invaded Lebanon with 2 objectives: 1: To secure Northern Israel towns against rocket attacks. 2: to push Hezbollah out of Southern Lebanon.

The IDF lost 4 Merkava IV tanks at the start of the campaign to Russian built but Iranian supplied RPG 29 “Vampire” Anti-tank weapons. The initial assault phase of a military operation is always the toughest as both sides are at full strength.

The party of Allah initially held the line until a determined unit of Givati broke through using traditional infantry assault teams. Despite their claims, Allah did not come to the party, even he knows not to mess with Givati, so Allah’s party broke and ran for their second line of defence. The IDF followed.

Meanwhile, the Israeli navy blockaded the ports of Lebanon. Within 5 days the second line of Allah’s party was broken. Iran, now realising their pets were outclassed on every level, and abandoned by Allah tried going to the UN in order to stave off defeat.

There followed a ceasefire.

Remembering the Israeli objectives we can see these were achieved: 1: Hezbollah were pushed back. 2: The orders for Hezbollah to disarm in Southern Lebanon were carried out.

In war, you win by reaching your objectives. The IDF reached both of their objectives. Hezbollah? Well, as is the usual party of Allah way, they had to run to the UN to stave off annihilation.


Israel lost 121 men and around 1000+ wounded.

Hezbollah lost 322 men with an estimated 500 wounded.

However, Hezbollah’s allies were also engaged and suffered:

Amal militia: 15 dead

LCP militia: 18 dead

PFLP-GC militia: 3 dead.

We have to acknowledge that Hezbollah lost.


SWP do make a hash of things, they get an idea and get carried away. Yet in their enthusiasm, they get it all wrong. I have yet to come across a piece of theirs that is correct or historically accurate. They have even had deluded doctors write for them and make such a mess of historical fact that they had to be corrected.

Once again it falls to the DFLA, to tell the truth.