There are, in the history of mankind, certain rules and regulations that will always be applicable. Amongst these are the rules that people will always make mistakes or say things they should not.

Another factor in the history, evolution and chaotic nature of humans is the first basic right of all humans: “The Right to be an arse hole”.


There are differing levels of being an arsehole, some arseholes are harmless and you chuckle and say, “You arsehole” as a mate performs some ridiculous stunt that has you laughing. (As football lads we are notorious for this level of arseholery).

Then, of course, there are those arseholes who deserve a slap, like those arseholes who support your hated rivals. Or make a mess of things at work and you have to clear it up. Then there are those Antifa arseholes, SWP rape defending arseholes, the highest form of arseholes like Hitler and Marx and Stalin who I would love to meet in person and beat into a pulp, then attack with a chainsaw, cut them into pieces, stamp all over them and then….. Then really really get mean! See, now I am a righteous arsehole.

However, you cannot deny the fact that being an arsehole is a human condition.

It’s a bit like an infection. Some infections give you a runny nose and headache. Others will kill you, Ebola, a bubonic plague for example.

Some arseholes are worse than others. Jeremy Corbyn and Theresa May for example. Arseholes that are killing English society, Tommy Robinson in his latest video “exposè” by the Sun was being an arsehole, but when you are being an arsehole with mates and having a laugh that harms no one else, are you really the all dancing all singing arsehole they claim?

Getting Charlie in a foreign country was a joke, no different when the late and great Robin Williams spoke the immortal line in the film “Good Morning Vietnam” where talking about drugs he says, “There is no drugs problem in Vietnam, everyone can get hold of them!”


The fact that the Sun newspaper has taken from TR a personal video and made it out to be this biggest sensation of reporting this year kind of smacks of the negligence they are currently facing in the field of investigative journalism.

If we are, to be honest, when it comes to investigative journalism the Sun are like the Keystone Cops or the Chelsea defence against Man City last Saturday. (Remember Chelsea fans, we laugh toward you, not at you)

So you got a video of TR being an arsehole with mates……. Fair enough.

But where was the Sun when last year Jeremy Corbyn was having a sing-along on stage when it was announced that 30,000 children had been victims of rape during 2017/18?

Where were the sun journalists when it was revealed that last year over 3,000 Christians were killed for their faith in the Middle East.

Again where were the Sun journalists when figures were released that there were over 121,000 cases of sexual assault and rape in the UK between 2017/18 and Theresa May simply danced on stage?

Where was the credibility of the Sun Journalists?

Indeed where was the Main Stream Media in all this horror?


Did you know that today in England that by the time a child reaches the age of 16 they will have witnessed 18,000 murders on TV? Or indeed that since 2010 Teenage suicide has increased by 67%. In reality, there were 5,821 suicides in the UK in 2017, 4,382 of them male.

Where is the investigative journalism in these matters?

So despite an increase of 123% in rape, 67% in teen suicides, despite the absurdity of the diet of voyeuristic murder, politicians singing and dancing, the Sun would rather “Expose” TR.

What the hell is going on in your head Mr Journalist? Why are you neglecting your duty as a reporter?

One of the golden rules of Journalism is loyalty toward its citizens.

Ignoring rape figures, murder figures, suicide figures, ignoring politicians who sing and dance as these tragedies are laid out is betraying the citizens!

Reporting on a drunk lad out with his mates being an arsehole is not journalism. That is just tittle-tattle. An ethereal smoke screen to cover the failings and lies of the BBC.

Maybe that is what the Sun are scared of, an exposure of the Modern Media, the fact that they help hide the real issues in today’s society, hand in glove with the establishment, hiding from the people the reality of how evil life is becoming.

In the 1930s the Nazis used light comedy to take the German people’s minds off how bad the situation for them was.

Look at our society today. How bad is it when the establishment has the Sun help cover the reality of life?


The Sun has a history of wrong reporting, of lying, of fake news and betraying the football community. It has farcical headlines that show it for what it really is, a tool of the establishment to keep you down, an opiate that will blind you to reality and lead you and your society to death.


There can be no doubt that by far the worst piece of reporting ever was when the Sun turned its level of journalism onto the Hillsborough disaster. Such lies, such Stalinist levels of deceit and propaganda should never have been allowed to go to print. The bastard of a mind that thought up such slanderous accusations should have been taken outside and whipped within an inch of its life.

Some of the claims were:

Some fans picked pockets of victims

Some fans urinated on the brave cops

Some fans beat up PCs giving the kiss of life.

These lies were circulated time and time again. Indeed the Sun called them “The truth”.

These accusations have been proved as lies, and even at the time, there was no evidence or proof that these things had happened. Yet why did the Sun run with them?


For me, March 2012 will be a time that will live long in my memory. Spurs v Bolton in the FA Cup. The Latter part of the first half and Fabrice Muamba suffered a Cardiac arrest. I remember being in the pub and the bar went silent, lads and lasses watching the screen in an ever-growing sense of foreboding. None of us supported Bolton or Spurs, here was a great player on the ground having a heart attack. My mate, Mus. H, an ex-Royal Marine who had seen active service looked away and said, “Fuck me, this is bad”.

Yet a Sun photographer took a photo of Fabrice Muamba’s face. It could have been the last moments of a man’s life, the look on his face, the uncomprehending fear, the shock, the horror in those eyes. The Man deserved dignity, not to have that moment photographed and plastered ghoulishly on paper and displayed across the nation. Where was the dignity, where was the respect for a human being who could have been in the last hours of his life?


Of Course, we then have the Casual Racism and active hatred for the Liverpool area.

ROSS Barkley who has Nigerian relatives was compared to a Gorilla after being attacked in a Liverpool bar. It was ruled as unprovoked but this did not bother the Sun who ranted that Barkley was considered one of the least intelligent footballers in England. The claim made was, “certain not only are the lights not on, there is definitely nobody at home”, adding: “I get a similar feeling when seeing a gorilla at the zoo.”

The claim went on, “Men with similar “pay packets” in Liverpool are “drug dealers” and in prison.”

Now I am not sure, but if we are to apply the level of judgement the sun uses against TR against the Sun itself, it soon becomes clear that the Sun is far more guilty of far greater crimes.


The Sun is notorious for fake news, devious reporting methods, lies and misleading information.

Who can forget that Sun reported that Al Qaeda was going to attack Coronation Street, a story that later turned out to be complete lies and the Sun had to apologise for?

In 2017 The Sun reported that Austin Harrouff killed a Florida couple and ate them. It later states that he only ate a face. However, in a later investigation by the Press Council, it was ruled that there was no evidence whatsoever of Austin eating anyone. In fact, the man had a long history of mental illness.

Rather worryingly, despite the lies, the article is still up on the website. Even when proven wrong, the Sun still lies to you.

In yet another bout of hysterical and rabid reporting, the Sun advised that the NHS was buying loaves of bread for £32.75. This later turned out to be a complete and utter lie. The bread was actually £2.00(ish) a loaf. Although still expensive the Sun was guilty of stupid exaggeration that was essentially a lie.


The Sun has been found guilty of Contempt of Court more than TR.

In 2011, for example, the Sun was found guilty of contempt and ordered to pay a fine of £15,000:00 after they released photos of killer Ryan Ward that could have prejudiced the case. Again, in another case involving the Manslaughter of Jamie Heaton by Andrew Partington, the Sun jeopardised the conviction. The court was advised the Sun’s reports had contained details about the content of text messages sent by the accused which “formed the crux of the prosecution case” . This was in breach of the applicable reporting restrictions. We then have the issue of payments to a bent copper by Sun reporter Anthony France that caused a huge amount of controversy.

Then we Have Good Old Ben Ashford, the Sun reporter arrested for handling the mobile phone of a politician after it was handed in.


We then stumble on the infamous and story out of nothing, the alleged investigative Mazher Mahmood.

We have to come back to the amount of crime that is really going on and ask why Mazher went for a TV personality?

Previously there had been allegations against Mazher that he cared little for the law and had little justification of “public interest” in what he did.

Finally, in July 2014, Mazher was suspended from the Sun on Sunday after the collapse of the trial against the X Factor judge and singer Tulisa Contostavlos. Doubts were expressed by the trial judge that Mahmood may have committed perjury against himself. In October 2016, Mahmood was jailed for 15 months after being found guilty of conspiring to pervert the course of justice.

Tulisa had alleged that Mazher had lied to her in order to claim she could arrange drug deals, the lies being that she was to star in a film and had to say lines to get the part.


Lest we forget the issues of The Group and the Hacking of celebrity voicemails in an attempt to get cheap stories and the lie that Noel Edmonds was moving to New Zealand.

The fact that the sister paper of the Sun, the News of The World had to be shut down after it was revealed that murdered schoolgirl Milly Dowler, relatives of deceased British soldiers, and victims of the 7 July 2005 London bombings, had all had their phones hacked. Not even the Royal Family escaped such insidious methods. News Corporation was using these tactics on politicians in order to insert influence and gain an unfair advantage in reporting.

When it comes to the reporting of newsworthy and factual articles, I’d swerve the Sun if I was you.