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There are certain rules of essential requirement when it comes to good journalism. The first rule, and it is the rule that should be adhered to and upheld beyond all others is that: “The first obligation of journalism is toward the truth”. To maintain an honest view and to secure integrity. This is vital for any journalist to uphold.

Others include a first loyalty to the citizens, discipline and verification, an independence from those they cover. There are many others but these are vital and the BBC has flouted these three foundation rules time and time again.


During the Newsnight programme on the group “Justice for Women and Children” The BBC flouted this rule with an arrogant disdain that was highly biased in its intent. They opened the report stating that there had been 4 rapes. This was a lie as there had actually been 8 rapes. The BBC angle was that the group were racist. In order to fit this bias, the BBC withheld information that one of these rapes was committed by Stephen Unwin and William McFall, on Quyen Ngoc Nguyen, whom they murdered. If this was a court case the BBC would have been found guilty of withholding evidence in order to pervert the course of justice. In another case of withholding vital evidence and tarnishing the report, they declined to state the information that included fewer than one in six rape prosecutions by Northumbria police result in convictions. The ministry of justice revealed that in 2017 only 15% of forces prosecutions for rape were successful. Last year Northumbria police brought 152 rape cases to court (this equates to 1 rape every 3 days). Only 23 of these cases resulted in a conviction.

This would have given the group more credibility and justify its calls for the Government to do something about the crisis. However, we also have to accept that the inclusion of these facts would not have been able to let the BBC portray the group as a bonafide reaction to a very real and serious threat.


Whilst rape has increased by 123% since 2011 and last year there were 53977 rapes we have to acknowledge with honest hearts and factual minds that there is a very real problem with rape in this country. The Justice for Women and Children campaign is facing a real issue, not a political game. 53977 rapes in one year equate to one rape every 10 minutes. This is a true and horrific figure released by the office of national statistics.

In the Newsnight programme, the group were regarded with a cynicism that bordered on contempt. It was angled that they were racist and using an issue to help the right-wing gain popularity. Councillors interviewed were able to defend themselves and their views with impunity. Softly posed questions with which the BBC accepted any answer. One Councillor when asked to back up a claim simply replied, “because I know”. How in any school of journalism is this allowed to stand as an answer? Of course, it should not have been. The BBC showed no loyalty to its citizens at all, this was most painfully a case of the BBC and councillors against the citizens of this country. The very essence of the programme and its format betrayed the people.


There is no need to cover this in great detail. The BBC in not being honest and betraying its audience showed very little discipline as it not only spitefully slandered the group, it also failed to verify any of the facts. The result, in consequence, was that the subject of rape was treated in a light-hearted manner. The BBC refusing to acknowledge that it was very serious and a society destroying the subject.


The facts the BBC refused to give are as follows:

Figures from “Statistics”:

Reported Rapes on Women in the UK.

2010/11: 15892

2011/12: 16038

2012/13: 16374

2013/14: 20751

2014/15: 29300

2015/16: 35798

2016/17: 41150

2017/18: 53977

The fact, that since 2011 rape has increased 123% seems lost on the BBC.

Nationally 53977 rapes mean 1 rape was committed every ten minutes. Whilst rapes have increased conviction rapes are way behind, they have only gone up by 11%.

Rape is now one of the safest crimes to commit.

What about child rape, how has that gone? Well in 2011 there were 5878 reported cases of child rapes. In 2016 there were 11947. In 2017 according to official police figures, this was 30000. This means that one child is raped every 3 hours. (do the math).

Now if the BBC had been honest, had been disciplined and had verified the subject they would have reported these figures. Instead what they did was totally distort the subject. It was not a national subject with 53977 rapes, it was a local subject with 4 rapes (even then they lied). They explained that Justice for women and children had racist connections and were possibly racist themselves, this kind of says that of the 53977 women raped, all of them were white. This totally absurd method of reporting is nothing more than criminal and traitorous in nature.



Working with such horrendous figures chills me cold to the bone and I cannot understand how people stomach such evil.

I wanted to find out about the people behind the group, those who strive against such hideous acts.

So I asked Jo and Sharon how they managed to stay motivated in the face of such fierce criticism and blatant lies?

Sharon Binks explained “I’m motivated by the truth and the protection of others. Once you have your eyes opened to what is going on you can’t ignore the truth.”  But surely, the lies and accusations against you, that must take a lot out of you? Again Sharon showed fortitude in her response, “If we don’t speak openly and honestly about what is being covered up we can’t defend ourselves. Silence creates victims. I cannot be complicit in the silence in favour of political correctness.”

Her reply reminded me of the line in the song by Bob Marley, “No woman No cry” when he sings, “My fear is my only courage”. I think for Sharon, and I would say, Tasha, they are not so much caring about themselves. The heartfelt empathy they feel for the victims regardless of colour drives them. It provides them with a certain courage that deflects the lies and hatreds that get thrown their way, anything to protect the victims and prevent future victims being created. This to me is a noble cause and deserves the full respect and help needed.

I asked Sharon about the Newsnight report, and why did she think it was as it was, “The media’s job is to deliver the narrative the establishment dictate” she began, “Gagging orders put on parents who’ve had their children raped or removed. The press recently failed to attend a discussion in parliament about the grooming gangs. They refuse to report on it.”

This did fit in with the way Newsnight had put across their story, the establishment, in the guise of councillors and home office officials were allowed to state as they wished, no questions asked. The approach of Justice for women and children was mocked cynically.

The establishment was given carte blanche to drive the agenda. But would the Government gag people to stop them speaking out? Gagging orders are more commonplace than people believe, indeed the BBC spent £28m of licence-fee payers’ money gagging 500 staff. Surely this should tell us something about the nature of free speech in England these days?

If we look at the establishment we can see the politicians protecting the BBC and the BBC protecting the politicians. Sharon herself is clear about the reason behind this, “ I believe the politicians ignore the subject as there is a massive network of child abuse and paedophilia within the establishment all protected by the press. I don’t believe every politician is guilty but they are all complicit.” I wonder if Sharon is guessing or knows more than she is letting on. As an aside to this I did a casual search for political paedophiles and within Labour alone found around 25 Labour paedophiles in the past 10 years. This included things such as photographs of Children being raped or Lurid images of children with animals. It is easy to get carried away with conspiracy theories in today’s world, but when you are presented with evidence from different sources that are oblivious to each other yet agree on the same subject then you know something is up. For example, yes, there is a massive cover-up in Parliament about Rape and Paedophile activity. We can then see clearly that there has been a massive cover-up in the BBC in regards to rape and Paedophilia. The BBC does not report the rise in rape and paedophilia across the country, because they and politicians are part of it and the politicians keep quiet about the BBC failure to report real facts because they and the BBC are real facts involved in the real statistics. It is symbiotic protection.

When looking at it though it does raise the issue of Gerard Batten. If a politician is currently stepping out of line and making his voice heard, surely it is Gerard Batten, he shows concern for victims, often as deep as those in the group and out of line with those currently in Parliament?

Sharon was quite affirmative about this, “Gerard Batten is different due to his route into politics. I believe Gerard dares to be honest because he wants what’s best for this country. Farage manipulated the result when Bolton got the position to lead but his narcissism led to his sharp exit. I think the only reason Gerard stepped in to save UKIP was that he loves his country enough to want to protect it, he could see that Brexit wasn’t going to happen and had to do something about it. The only way to do that is to play the game differently from other politicians and be the voice for the people.”

I will decline to give my own political views but the conviction behind Sharon’s words are honest and sincere and personally, I would encourage people to at least listen to the man. You may not agree, but it is a different approach.

As with all cases, there is the thorny issue of what causes rape, and more so why the massive rise in rape, a huge 123%?

I first asked Sharon for her opinion on this, “I attribute the rise in rape figures to the cover-ups and protection of the perpetrators by the police and the judicial system. Rapists have been getting away with rape for years due to the way rape cases are handled. I also attribute the rise to the increase in immigrants who have come from cultures where the rape and abuse of women and children is normal behaviour. As far as the grooming gangs are concerned this is a profitable business selling our children for sex with very few consequences in most cases. I again believe the government and media have turned a blind eye as it is all part of the plan to damage society and have people living in fear due to the lack of protection.”

For Jo, the answer was more definite, “Probably because the rise is due to the influx of migrants coming into this country and media and politicians are been quiet so it can keep EU happy and live by there rules and not ours”

Both of these answers would at first appear to be racist. A quick knee jerk reaction would be indeed to shout them down as racists who do not have a clue. There would end the debate and no answers would be gained. But is it an answer? History whispers a warning and one they did not take into account. It is not racist but it does point to an unconsidered fact and a reality from history.

We need to first address an issue that has been created by the lies of the English Media. Both Sharon and Jo said, “Immigrants” the BBC and most media outlets throw this word around and apply it to all. However, this is not a reality. In England we have, immigrants, we have Asylum Seekers, we have Refugees and we have Stateless Persons. The labelling of them all is a smokescreen by the mainstream media in order to deceive. Immigrant means to permanently live in a country. The official EU definition is:

“Immigration is the action by which a person establishes his or her usual residence in the territory of a Member State for a period that is, or is expected to be, of at least 12 months, having previously been usually resident in another Member State or a third country (Regulation (EC) No 862/2007.”

These are clearly not Asylum Seekers or Refugees or stateless persons. Their status and needs are completely different.

It is without a doubt a solid fact that many Refugees or Asylum seekers arrive in this country after having been through huge psychological trauma. Many have seen or witnessed acts of aggression including a rape that many politicians or media personnel have never witnessed in their lives. Ignorant of fact, of psychological trauma or of people being brutalised they are only left with a romanticised image in their heads of these people, this in itself can only be seen as a stereotypical and racist perception. It does more harm than good.

There is a huge mountain of proof that violence begets violence. An established fact in psychology is that a child abused in early life is more likely to become an abuser. We need to look no further for evidence than that of Germany in 1945. Russian soldiers brutalised by years of warfare are reported to have raped up to 2 million women, children and men. That is 2 million victims. The vast majority of these victims were raped more than once. In many cases a woman raped 20 or 50 times was not uncommon. Around 240,000 women were killed during these rapes. Natalya Gesse said that Soviet soldiers raped German females from eight to eighty years old. Soviet and Polish women were not spared from this brutality either and suffered rapes from Soviet troops. We should not forget either that German troops were involved in brutal deaths and rapes of civilians. In fact, when Yugoslavian partisan leader Tito complained about the raping of Yugoslavian women Stalin said, “understand it if a soldier who has crossed thousands of kilometres through blood and fire and death has fun with a woman or takes some trifle.”

Maybe we, the English public are paying the price of our incompetent politicians, not heeding the lessons from history. They have taken people, traumatised, brutalised in war and having spent their lives in an entirely different culture under a dictatorship, dumped them amongst us and not considered the problems this will cause.

This will create incidents that lead on to hatred and bitterness, the Left does not see the issues and use it all as a chance to use the issue simply to get votes. As the Lawyers of O J Simpson saw his case as a chance for money and fame, so the Left see people protesting against rape as a chance to score political points.

Maybe the BBC protect incompetent politicians further, not criticising them. To do so is racist.

Looking at the facts, along with the lack of housing and crimes being committed, we were ill prepared for such a venture.

As an aside to this I wonder why when I was a kid and the Tory Government brought in the “Care in the community” scheme. The outcry that followed from the left was amazing, they complained about these people being thrown uncared for into society, they claimed how uncaring the Government could be to not just cast aside people with trauma or mental illness and expect them to live in society, but also how the public may be in danger. How then are refugees and asylum seekers, suffering from trauma and brutalised by war and conflict be different?

In many cases, these refugees or asylum seekers/refugees are callously disregarded and thrown into our society.  No care, no considerations.

However, people are victims.

We would need to look at the reality of the situation at face value. Decisions made by incompetent politicians could be resulting in rape and abuse, meanwhile the Left scream about racism.

Yet the only ones crying that something must be done are the Justice For Women and Children and the DFLA.

How on earth no one is considering the reality of the situation shows a complete lack of understanding and appreciation of the problems being caused.

This is not a cry to ban the intake of asylum seekers or refugees, but a cry for our Government to understand more, to realise, to provide help.

So far our government has been ignorant and complicit in the epidemic of rape and abuse.

I need to point out that not all immigrants are criminals, my mother was not for example. However, we need to do more to protect the women and children and investigate cause and effect.

So far I have not seen any on the Left question why there is a massive rise in rape. (123%)

There can be no doubt that some newcomers are adding to the rise. To say otherwise would be to ignore history and psychological fact.

In order to further their claims of racism, the BBC hinted that Sharon had been on a political march in Poland that had been attended by a far-right Polish nationalist group.

What they did not point out was the march was also attended by the Democratic Left Alliance, Labour United and Together (Social Democrat) a party leaning to the left.

So why did the BBC not mention this? Sharon explained, “I went to Poland because I was invited by a friend who funded the trip. I spoke to the old guy because I wanted to know what it had been like in Poland during communism as that is where I see this government taking us via the EU.”

The question should not be directed at Sharon, but rather the BBC. Why draw links to a small section of right-wing parties when other parties were present. Or should we ask why the BBC choose to criticise the people of other countries? Is this not overt imperialism a view that you know better than them and areas such superior?

There is no doubt, as explained earlier, that Sharon has an admirable courage, as does Tasha, to continue to drive, to work to save others, Sharon explains, “My courage and determination comes from the amount of people reaching out to us who have been let down by the establishment, who have had gagging orders put on them, those who have been left without justice and have had to carry that with them their whole life, those who have been abused at home or in the care system. I understand how the courts operate I’ve been through the process, I understand what it’s like to live with the guilt and shame of being a victim as a child and how that can ruin your life. People say demos don’t work but we have people coming forward to tell us their story every time we take to the streets.”.

The crime here is not with Tasha or Sharon, but rather with authorities who ignore the plight of these victims, who suffer alone and in Silence until the Justice for Women and Children Group arrive. It is all very well for the BBC and the Left to scream and shout “Racist” but where is the Left when it comes to helping these victims?

I attended the March in Sunderland for the group last year. Emma Dent Coad of SUTR appeared on camera and said, “We stand by the victims of Rape!” What Emma seemed oblivious to was the fact that they had no survivors with them. Not one rape victim was allowed to speak or was present. Instead, they gave a platform to Steve Hedley, a notorious woman beater who abused women. They gave a platform to Emma herself who was part of the scrutiny committee who approved the cladding on the Grenfell tower. The cladding that killed women and Children.

Then we had the Reverend Chris Howson who full of Christian virtue said, “We don’t want these people here!”

Unfortunately Chris as a Christian I find your comments repugnant. “These people” were rape victims, “These people” were the working class. “These people” were people who believed in Jesus, “These people” were the very people Jesus went to. Remember the Bible, the claims Jesus ate with “These people”?

But vitally “These people” were people who believed rape was wrong.

Don’t you like people who believe rape is wrong?

Bizarre idea of Christianity they have.

However, the irony of it all is the accusations of racism that were labelled by the BBC and Left-wing groups alike at the Justice for Women and Children Group.

I slipped in a sly, almost disguised question at Sharon, hoping to catch her slightly of the guard, her reply was thoughtful and rather poignant,     “As far as the claims of racism in the group I would say we cover all rapes and abuse whoever the perpetrator is. I would say those who assume we only refer to a specific race when we speak about rape are the ones who are racist. We want to raise awareness of abuse of women and children of any culture or religion. We have had people come up to us at our demos, male and female, who identify as Muslim, to thank us for what we are doing and to say they wish they could speak out. I believe Muslim women and children are some of the most abused in society but due to sharia law in this country they can’t seek justice due to their worth in that closed community.”

Rape is a massive issue in today’s society. The left seems to want to politicise it, the BBC seem to want to sweep it under the carpet to say there is no problem.

Reality says differently. With an increase of 123% since 2011, with an increase only of 11% in convictions, we need to acknowledge there is a real issue, a real urgency to address the crisis that is unfolding.

Two of the people who deserve a special mention are Paul and Tasha Allen. The BBC really wanted to crucify this brother and sister team, their correct judgement was to stay away from the BBC. This judgement was fortuitous as the BBC slaughtered the movement any way they could.

Paul and Tasha have worked tirelessly for the victims who have been raped and abused. They have both been slandered, insulted and mocked. Their posts seem to be the point that you can judge them by.

Should not the reality of life dictate that we judge people by what they do now?

People change. From Drug addicts who run clinics to help addicts to recover, from alcoholics who run AA groups, from ex-gang members who run groups to help people out of gangs.

Tasha and Paul, who I have observed, have never uttered a racist word or phrase. I have an Iraqi father in law and a mixed-race wife, so I am well tuned in to the racism of the Right.

With Tasha and Paul, I have found genuine people, their only concern being the safety and well being of women and children. A natural emotion behind any people, in fact, it is a major point in both Religion and Social Darwinism.

So how can they be classed as racist, how can they be accused of right-wing populism?

Answer logically, they cannot.

I challenge any to speak from actual knowledge, not hearsay or “I read somewhere” but from actual knowledge.

It is time we focused on reality and truth, not our bias and prejudice.

Maybe then we can be like Sharon, Jo, Tasha and Paul, we will then be able to see the reality of the victim. Not a political stereotype.


Women and Children are being raped and abused, record numbers of rape and abuse are taking place.

Records show that in Germany between 1944 and 1945 two million women, children and men were raped. The Quilliam report states that a Million Women, men and Children have been raped by the rape gangs in England.

Am I the only one who sees the problems here?

We need to step away from the racist labels, from the Left stereotypes of Nazi and bigot.

53977 victims look at us with tear stained cheeks and scream for us to do exactly that.

Thought for the day: in the time you have read this a child has been raped.

Blood on her thighs, screams of pain that would make your heart bleed, a life destroyed, a trauma to live, the vision of bloodstained sheets she will live with forever.

You really need to stand up and do something

Let us stop another increase of 123%.